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Last Updated: June 14, 2019

Terms of Use

As a user of this application, you will have the ability to perform a variety of functions. When creating a user account, you will be submitting data about you to our database. (See the privacy policy for details about how our team uses your personal information.)

Registered standard users will have the ability to search for those providing laundry services registered in our database. (Unregistered users or registered users not logged in their accounts will not have the ability to search our database.) Registered users will also have the ability to view the profiles for those who provide laundry services. Phone numbers and email addresseses of washers and laundromats are on their profile while laundromats have their business address and website on theirs. This allows any registered user to contact one of our laundry service providers. Standard users will not have any information published anywhere on our web pages.

Additionally, registered users can alter their account. Ways users can alter their account include changing their email address, password, and name; editing washer and laundromat information to be displayed on their profile, and uploading a washer or laundromat profile picture. Users may also either temporarily disable their account or permanently delete their account. Users may activiate their account any time by simply logging in again. Washers and laundromats with disabled accounts will not have public profiles. Our team may keep user account information after a user permanently deletes their account.

The Wash It Fold It application allows users to contact washers and laundromats based on what information is display on their profile. This application serves as a directory of individuals and businesses providing laundry services. Our team ensures we list laundry service providers that can be trusted in our searchable directory. Interactions, both in-person and digitally, between two parties (the user and the laundry service provider) are not the responsibility of the Wash It Fold It team because the laundry service provider is considered a separate entity (either a business or a sole proprietor). If anything unethical happens during an interaction between the two parties, please contact local law enforcement or consult a legal expert or attorney. All laundry service providers are responsible for completing appropriate tax paperwork based on any income from the transactions of laundry services.

In accordiance to United States federal law (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA)), users under the age of thirteen (13) may not register for an account on the Wash It Fold It website or submit any personal information via the website without the consent of a parent or guardian.

Our team has the right to suspend or terminate accounts if the user violates the terms of use. All users will be notified—with or without the consent of the user—whenever there are changes to the terms of use.

Privacy Policy

Standard users have the option to create accounts by submitting personal information to our database including, but not limited to their email address and name. Your information will be stored in our database, which is maintained by our team including the application administrator and developer. The information in our database—including the personal information of all users of the application including standard users, washers, and laundromats will not be shared or sold to any third-party organization or individual and it will not be published in any form (other than certain washer and laundromat information being published on their profiles, only to be seen by registered users of the Wash It Fold It website—see the terms of use for more information) without the consent of the user.

This application is protected by a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security certificate. Any data submitted through this application including, but not limited to password and other login credentials will be encrypted, therefore no third-party user will have access to what is submitted via this application.

This application uses cookies, data stored within your web browser. Cookies are neccessary in order for users to stay logged in their accounts and for the application to properly function. Web browsing data will not be collected by the application team. However, cookies are used as supplementary tools for data to be stored in our database or for the database to be altered. (See above for how we use user data for our application database.)

All users will be notified—with or without the consent of the user—whenever there are changes to the privacy policy.

About Wash It Fold It

Wash It Fold It is a product owned by Super Clean Coin Laundry, LLC, a business operated in the U.S. State of West Virginia. If you would like to reach our team, click here to send us an inquiry via email.

Wash It Fold It © 2019 Super Clean Coin Laundry, LLC

Version Release History

Version 1.0.0
June 14, 2019

  • Application initial release

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Billy Chandler, Jr.
Developer / Web Designer

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